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Application List

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Knowles (1984, p. 20) asserts that the andragogical model can be utilized in a variety of programs from "individual courses at every level of education to total programs of in-service education, undergraduate education, graduate education, continuing education, human resources development, continuing professional education, technical training, remedial education, and religious education. It appears in almost every kind of institution, including elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, colleges and universities, business and industry, government agencies, health agencies, professional societies, churches, and voluntary organizations."

Andragogy has been applied in the following fields:

Business, Industry, and Government

  • Master of Management Program
  • Managerial Skills Development
  • Teaching Technical Accounting Skills
  • Learning Facilitator Training
  • Self-directed Learning on the Job
  • Introducing Data Processing
  • Product Use Training for Customers
  • Management Development

Colleges and Universities

  • Self-Directed Undergraduate Study
  • Helping Adults Reenter College
  • External Undergraduate Degree Program
  • Faculty Orientation and In-Service Development
  • Faculty Development through Growth Contracts
  • Academic Administration
  • Training College Lecturers
  • Staff-Student Cooperation
  • Instruction in Public Speaking
  • Distance Learning

Education for the Professions

  • Medical Students
  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Social Work Education
  • Learning through Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Teaching School Administration

Continuing Education for Health Professionals

  • Self-Directed Learning for Physicians
  • Self-Directed Learning for Nurses
  • Teaching Nurses Technical Skills
  • In-Service Nursing Education

Religious Education

  • Biblical Clinic
  • Adult Education in the Archdiocese

Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Challenging Students
  • Involving the Community as a Resource for Learning
  • Individualized Education

Remedial Education

  • Developing Basic Competencies
  • Teaching English as a Second Language


This list is only a sample of all the possible fields and programs that andragogy can or has been used in.


Knowles, M.S. (1984). Andragogy in Action. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.