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Environmental Science

This course is an introduction to the multi-faceted field of environmental science. Given that this is an interdisciplinary realm we will be utilizing information from an array of sources and fields of study. The seminar aspect of this course allows for us to determine what topics to cover during the quarter. Since this is an elective course I realize that you have chosen to be here, thus it is only appropriate that we decide, as equal partners in the decision making process, not only what topics to address but how to evaluate your knowledge acquisition throughout the quarter.

A few topics to consider (note: this is not a comprehensive nor binding list, merely a starting point):

      • Global warming
      • The Endangered Species Act
      • Overpopulation
      • GMOs
      • Pesticides and Human health
      • Political/economic implications of renewable fuel sources

In addition, a few techniques for evaluation that you may or may not deem appropriate:

  • Weekly journal entries focusing on self-reflection and diagnosis
  • Group problem-solving projects and presentations
  • Peer evaluations
  • Simulation activities

I have a number of community contacts that I can utilize to facilitate the learning process. Our university also has a phenomenal access to pertinent journals, texts and multi-media sources of information that we can utilize for learning.

Please feel free to address any issues, interests, concerns and so forth that may arise throughout the duration of the seminar. My goal is to facilitate the learning that you desire to the best of my ability.

Let the fun begin!